The Latridid that broke the camel’s back

It’s that time again, when an excess of specimens requires the splitting up of a specimen box.  Not that this is a bad thing; actually it’s great, as long as you have an extra box sitting around.

I’ve been putting away some identified specimens, but I just couldn’t find any room for some new Latridiidae.  So its time to split it up, which I’ve been putting off for awhile.  Actually, I probably have four or five boxes that need splitting now that I think about it….

Here is the before picture.  Yeah, sloppy I know.  Kudos if you can guess all 12 families I have stuffed in this box.

old latridiidae etc



  1. phil

    That one’s tough because lots of those are so small. Latridiidae (obviously), Gyrinidae (and if you only have 3 specimen, I can help you with that!), Lampyridae, Lycidae, Ripiceridae, Mordellidae, Cantharidae, Ripiphoridae, and I am out of guesses.

    • midwestbugs

      Only 5 right (Latridiidae, Lampyridae, Lycidae, Cantharidae, Rhipiceridae). Did you look at the full size picture? You can kind of cheat because I have family labels in there, though a few are obscured. And no, those aren’t Gyrinidae, but Byrrhidae.

  2. Brady Richards

    The byrrhids had me fooled at first…Byrrhidae, Callirhipidae, Cantharidae, Cleridae, Dascillidae, Dytiscidae, Lampyridae, Latriidae, Lycidae, Ptilodactylidae, Rhipiceridae, Scirtidae.

    • midwestbugs

      Close. Byrrhidae, Ptilodactylidae, Scirtidae, Dascillidae, Passandridae, Lampyridae, Cantharidae, Lycidae, Elmidae, Latridiidae, Rhipiceridae, and Callirhipidae are the 12 in there. No clerids or dytiscids.

      • Brady Richards

        Ah, obviously, I have to get my eyes checked. The label I thought said Dytiscidae actually says Byrrhidae and the Cleridae label is actually Elmidae (a better choice, in many respects!). I took a closer look at the label I thought said Passalidae and see that it actually says Passandridae. I mistakenly thought that you had a bess beetle there but removed it, leaving the label behind, which is why I didn’t mention it before..

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