Florida 2013

Spent about a week in Florida in September.  I will be posting some of the interesting insects I found here, adding more as I have time to sort specimens.

IchneumonidMicrotomus purcisOn the drive home, I stopped to spend the night in Dalton, Georgia.  On the wall of the hotel, I spotted a large assassin bug, Microtomus purcis.  My first attempt to catch the bug failed, as it dropped into the large stones of the landscaping.  Returning about 5 minutes later, it had crawled back up the wall and I finally caught it.  I love reduviids, and this one is probably the coolest one I’ve seen.

Also in the same location I collected several kudzu bugs (Megacopta cribraria), a couple of which landed on me.  It was the first time I’d seen this insect.

The only other collections here were a male Harpalus (Pseudophonus) pensylvanicus and a neat little Ichneumonid (Cratichneumon paratus).

In Florida, I stayed at my parents home in Rotonda West.  Being September, there were thunderstorms pretty much every afternoon.  Previously, I had only collected in Florida in late May, early June.  It will be interesting to see what differences I see.

Rismethus squamiger

Euborellia annulataI put out a couple of pitfall traps but I don’t think they were well placed.  I did get a few interesting things, including a Rismethus squamiger (Elateridae), several Euborellia annulata (Dermaptera: Anisolabididae), some small flies (Tachinidae, Phoridae, and a few I haven’t ID’d yet), a singular histerid, and of course ants.


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