Hi, welcome to my blog.  I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to help record my thoughts and experiences of insect collecting and identification, not only for myself, but for anyone interested in insects.

I’ve been collecting since 2001, starting with no more information than what was contained in my Peterson’s Field Guide.   Since then, I’ve obtained an MS degree in Entomology and put together a collection (at the time of this post) of over 13,000 specimens, including over 8700 beetles, that spans at least 2800 species, including more than 1900 species of beetles.   Most of my collection is from Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida.  I focus mostly on Coleoptera, but I also enjoy pushing my limits by delving into other groups, such as Diptera and Hymenoptera.

I also volunteer as an editor at BugGuide.net.  It’s a great site with an awesome community, and it has helped me learn more about insects than I ever thought possible.

-Brad Barnd


skype: brad.barnd



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